Motion Control Gets Sexy

The Titan Rig travelled to Bulgaria’s NU Boyana Studio to shoot Cassius’s new pop promo ‘The Missing’. Produced by Iconoclast and directed by ‘We are from LA’  the video is fully interactive, a first of its kind. It features couples kissing in a neon lit city and allows you to change each character with a tap of the mouse. Play with the interactive version.

Throughout the video you can switch between a total of 20 actors making for more than 100 possible versions of the video. Only by using motion control to get hundreds of accurate passes could you achieve this visual effect. The Titans impressive 9m (27ft) reach allowed for one unedited camera move to film across a large distance both going wide as well as close up to couples. Below is an edited version which automatically changes the characters for you. Where’s the fun in that!!!