About Us

MrMoco Rentals offers the largest inventory of motion control and high speed equipment anywhere in the world.

From pan/tilt heads, the award winning Milo, Titan-the world’s largest rig to our latest in high speed motion control – the Bolt we have you covered. Whether shooting locally within the UK, in Europe or abroad, we take care of the logistics getting the equipment to the shoot wherever that may be.

As a department of Mark Roberts Motion Control we are supported by the academy award winning design and engineering team, to not only offer the highest standards of motion control rigs, but to also push the boundaries of what is possible, designing specific custom requirements to achieve otherwise impossible shots.

Our world class operators have a combined experience that totals over 100 years  – and they aren’t even that old! They are on hand to support and advise from the very beginning concept, all the way through to the end result.