Mark Roberts Films Services is born

From his spare bedroom Mark Roberts himself draws up the first of many products, a simple XYZ rig for animations.


Milo invented 'Academy Won'

The Mark Roberts team proudly excepts a technical Oscar for design of milo and its influence with industry.


Rental Department Started

With just one Milo and a Modula running from the corner of the factory, Mrmoco Rentals began its journey.


First Bolt Designed & Built

Producing the world’s fastest high speed motion control rig and in turn re-invigorating motion control for the entire industry.


Acquisition by Nikon

After successfully partnering at the 2012 Olympics, Nikon takes a full stake in MRMC seeing robotics as future of imaging.


VFX Merger

MRMC and The Visual Effects Company (VFX) merge their Motion Control rental operations to become the world’s largest, one-stop MOCO shop.