The longest and only portable telescopic MOCO arm in the world

Let Director’s imagination run wild with the Titan arm, offering the largest range of motion and a 6.6m telescopic arm, capable of shots unachievable with any fixed arm rigs. When it comes to the TITAN, size does matter!

  • Max lens Height


  • Reach (Underslung)


  • Vertical travel


  • Telescope Speed


  • Telescope


Operating Envelope

Maximum Height8.2m
Lowest position-4.5m
Maximum travel (from sub floor)9.65m
Maximum reach (from rotate centre)9.06m
Maximum reach (from turret)8.51m

Rig Dimensions (for clearances)

Titan Minimum Height (off track)2.4m
Titan Minimum Height (on track)2.6m
Titan width (with/without counterweights)1.8m / 1.35m
Titan minimum overall length5.5m

Rig Performance

Axis nameRange of travelRange of travel
TrackAs required in 3m lengths1.5 m/s
RotateUnlimitedUp to 30°/s (Note: arm telescopic position affects max. speed)
Lift+40° -31°Up to 24°/s (Note: arm telescopic position affects max. speed)
Arm Extend6.6m2.3m/s
Outer Arm191°45°/s
Ulti-Head panUnlimited120°/s
Ulti-Head tiltUnlimited120°/s
Ulti-Head RollUnlimited120°/s

Rig Weights

Main rig398kg
Titan arm645kg
Weights for using Ulti-Head785 total (40 x 17 + 10 x 10.5)
Power supply + driver unit124kg
Ulti-Head with roll55kg
Total weight Milo with Titan and Ulti-Head2,007
Rails 3m (each)97kg
Flair Magliner desk88kg

Power Connection

Power requirements1 x 32a 3 phase 415V 50 Hz
Generator15 KVA 3 phase (+E +N) 415V (50 Hz)

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