Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Defy

Explosions, burning ships and slain pirates this commercial has it all including being shot with the longest telescopic motion control arm in the world, our Titan. The Titan mounted on top of the Milo was placed on an 8ft tall platform, allowing the rig to achieve moves from below deck to the top of the mast on a built to scale Spanish gun ship.

The Film

As well as the very impressive sets, this project involved a 3,000 cubic metre water tank and a cast of around 100 stunt men.

Behind The Scenes

Motion control was used for multi-passes and to create a seamless camera move from the ship’s lower deck all the way to the top, a shot that would not be possible with any other system. Mr Moco rentals appreciated the opportunity to work with Director Adam Berg and Stink.