Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams Making of

Category Film
Rig Animoko
Project Breakdown

The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams was produced by Scopas Medien. From the outset it was clear that the five-month principal photography was going to be tight, efficiency and creative solutions to keep both deadlines and quality were top priorities. The Animoko was perfect not only because it was compact enough to fit in the small units and easy to program but also allowed for all the more complex functions of Flair like spatially offsetting/scaling moves which were even used mid-shot to compensate for overnight set shifts. The 3D import functions were used on the opening shot, a 45sec camera move flying over a landscape of clouds. The move was created in 3D as one move and then cut into three pieces. The three parts were dressed and shot using the Animoko rig in the same unit consecutively and put together as one seamless shot.

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