Too fast to see, too important to miss!

In our recent newsletters focusing on high speed it has been all about Bolt. Now we would like to introduce you to Bolt’s little friend, the Vortex high speed rig. While not as well-known as the Bolt, it’s proving to be just as popular, producing some stunning high speed footage. The Vortex is a compact, battery powered rig capable of moving the camera in excess of 5 metres per second around an object. It is completely wireless allowing for unlimited rotations! The Vortex runs predominately on circular dolly track but can be used on straight dolly track also.

The below commercial was recently shot for Vodafone in Prague.

The below is a behind the scenes of a British Airways spot with Vortex.

We couldn’t do an issue on high speed without the Bolt having a mention. Recently Mr Moco got together with Park Village, Love High Speed and Artem for a one day demo to show just some of the things that Bolt can do. Here is a clip of some test shots that were done.