Talos out and about in Europe

Time to find our passports and it was off to Europe again. This time working with Outsider on the latest Ford Focus commercial shooting a number of locations across Lisbon, Portugal. This was our eleventh time in Europe in as many months.

The aim of the commercial was to reveal that the Formula Ford racing car and the Ford Focus have the same engine inside. This was achieved by showing a Ford Focus falling onto a Formula Ford in a number of locations. The commercial was shot with multiple passes of both the Ford Focus and the Formula Ford race car. One shot required the Talos to be craned onto a roof of a multi-storey car park. In another shot the Talos was set up across a rocky beach while contending with rain storms. The Talos is our most popular rig for location work. Its small footprint and light weight design allows it to be transported and manoeuvred into a number of locations.

With our affordable transport arrangements, we have made using motion control in any part of Europe viable for our clients. Whether you are planning a shoot aboard from the UK or looking for motion control to come to you, keep in touch with Mr Moco to see what we can offer you.