Stiller Studios Part II

After a highly successful Bolt promotional collaboration between Stiller studios, Love High Speed and MrMoco in 2015 we came back in 2016 to answer the ultimate question, what happens when you bring together TWO high speed Bolt rigs, Cyclops- the worlds largest motion control rig, aerial drones, an expert in controlled explosions and two Phantom Flex 4ks? Watch the video below to find out.

MrMoco are pleased to announce new equipment to our line up. Introducing the Technodolly. Based on a Techno 15 with a 4m telescopic arm and up-to 30m of track the Technodolly has an impressive operating envelope but with one key difference over a conventional crane. While the crane is being operated it’s able to accurately record each axis and then play the entire move back with 100% repeatability using super silent motors. Drawing upon the knowledge and skill of our world class pool of operators, led by Ian Menzies, it gives production an alternative way to program shots from key framing positions. Click here for further details.