Stella Artois – Motion Control

MrMoco were once again on the road to Spain were we regularly find ourselves these days. But this time only stopping in Barcelona before getting the ferry across to Mallorca. Produced by London’s 1st Ave Machine and locals Palma Pictures we were part of a team shooting ‘Stella Artois- Learn how water leaves a mark’ campaign.

Using nearly 600 glass chalices production made a 4m tall 3D Zoetrope. Each of the 600 glasses was given a painted image and when the structure was rotated to match the speed of the camera it produced wonderful stop frame animations.

The Milo’s camera move was to push in and move vertically up the side of the structure to tell the full story. By jibbing up at an optimal speed it never appears as though moving up the structure but rather as one continuous stream of animations.

You may have noticed our Milo looking a lot prettier than normal in the behind the scenes. Production were worried amount the reflections of our traditionally black rig in the glasses so we wrapped it in white.

The result is a lovely commercial using practical effects for a great cause which we are grateful to be a part of.