Our production pipeline preps all planning and technical details long before shooting day.

Motion Control & Fully repeatable high speed Robotic systems
Motion control in film production enables precise control and replication of camera movements, leading to a diverse array of visual effects. As a part of Mark Roberts Motion Control, we have access to the world’s most extensive range of motion control rigs. Leveraging our highly specialised systems, we execute a wide spectrum of shots, from high-speed live-action sequences to the most intricate macro work. Whether you require the broadest range of movement available or the most portable motion control solutions with setup times of under an hour, we have a system capable of meeting your needs.

Virtual Production
Thanks to a vast variety of data streaming protocols we can interface to any software for LED volume rendering, along with 3D to real life rig calibration. Utilising controlled movement and precise camera tracking, motion control enhances the realism of virtual backgrounds on screen. This goes beyond traditional optical tracking, enabling the creation of camera angles that would be impossible by hand. Our rigs guarantee the stability and precise repeatability of camera movement crucial for virtual production, all while eliminating the need for multiple takes. This streamlined process allows for easy adjustments to sets or lighting and the addition of extra VFX in post-production.

Global Outreach
The ability to pre-program and pre-plan motion control moves means less time spent on travel and more time perfecting shots for your production, with an operator only being required on set for filming day. With a fleet of trucks capable of covering Europe within 2 days and a skilled logistics team facilitating worldwide rig shipments, we can operate from anywhere! Our recent locations include South Africa, USA, Qatar, Dubai and India. We manage everything, from ATA carnets to crates and various truck sizes, to cover all equipment scenarios. Sit back, relax, and let us show you why we’re the number one choice for motion control rental.