Our production pipeline preps all planning and technical details long before shooting day.

Thanks to the consistency and repeatability of motion control, we have the capability to pre-program actions using our award-winning Flair software and employ our 3D workflow to meticulously plan and resolve intricate movements and procedures in any setting in advance. Therefore, as an initial phase of our pre-production services, we start by capturing your initial brief and generating a “proof of concept” pre-vis. This gives us ample time to collaborate with the Director of Production and the art department to coordinate motion control, rig positioning, set requirements, VFX and editing without increasing your production costs. This proactive approach enables us to kickstart the process well ahead of the shoot day, refining any technically challenging shots required.

R&D/Bespoke Builds
We can devise custom solutions for even the most challenging projects. If your vision necessitates a unique tool, we can create customised motion control equipment and software algorithms for both production and pre-production phases. A good example of this occurred during our collaboration with Channel 4. We adapted our in-house tool, PO Setup, originally designed to create perspective shifts of individuals in front of a green screen, to shift focus on the environment itself, enabling us to create shots starting from as far as outer space within the same time sequence as one another. With access to the latest high-tech equipment on the market, we consistently enhance our workflow and expand our equipment lineup to provide the ideal motion control solution for your productions’ specific needs.

Tech-vis represents the natural progression from the pre-vis and often the R&D phase, whether generated by our in-house 3D team or provided by you. We utilise a range of in-house tools along with cutting-edge problem-solving software to visualise rig and camera movements within a 3D space. We assess the 3D moves to ensure they fall within the acceleration, velocity, and reach parameters of the chosen motion control system. This enables us to strategically plan motion control shots, and determine rail requirements and optimal placement, offering insights on set layouts, talent positioning, lighting and other aspects of the onset workflow—resulting in significant time savings throughout the project. A finalised tech-vis also enables us to precisely schedule the number of shots achievable in a day with the production team, resulting in huge time savings.

At MrMoco Rentals, we’ve always acknowledged the growing significance of CGI. Instead of perceiving it as a threat to Motion Control, we leverage it to enhance both effectiveness and quality. That’s why we developed Simul8 – our proprietary plugin for Maya. Laying down the groundwork for motion control sequences, it is used for the planning, visualisation and execution of motion control moves. It integrates all the MRMC Rentals models and interfaces with Flair, ensuring a seamless experience from pre-production to on-set filming, streamlining shooting days with pre-planned ready-to-go shots.