MrMoco World Cup Winning Campaign

Come on let’s be honest, we know England don’t have a chance to win the World Cup, so Mr Moco rentals supported the Brazilians and Germans in their World Cup winning marketing campaigns.

The first leg of the football campaign took the Mr Moco team to the Espanyol Stadium in Barcelona with the Milo rig. Scaling shots were done with the Brazilian number 20, Bernard as he darted around Argentinian giants. The first match ended 1-0 to the Brazilians.

The next trip was to the German camp in Munich in which the home side evened up the score. It was a no contest as this time the Mr Moco team brought on their star player, the Titan rig, having made more appearances on set than any other rig this season. With its massive 9m lens height, production companies have been lining up to sign this world class rig. Coming off the bench the Talos also made an appearance in Munich. The Talos has been the most consistent moco rig in our team, often seen playing abroad on location in Europe and is currently on loan in the far east – more on that story next month.

So with one game each, the decider is still to be played…