MrMoco meets the Titan of Pop

Mr Moco was out shooting with the Titan again last month for Labrinth’s ‘Let It Be’ video; the lead single to be lifted off his forthcoming new album.

Produced by Academy Plus and filmed to create a single extended take, the clip seamlessly follows Labrinth’s process of making his second disc, from fighting with label execs and recording tunes in the studio to just jamming with his friends. In all there were 21 sets on the one stage at Shepperton Studio that the Titan was required to navigate through.

Above is the a split screen showing the video along with a 3D maya scene as well as behind the scenes of Titan.

The move lasts the complete length of the track (3.18) and was pre-programmed in 3D before the data was fed into the rig. In one shoot day it required more than 50 repeat passes for the final composite. Everything was shot on an Arri Alexa at 25 FPS using a Cooke 5/i prime lens. Both the Titan rig and the lighting sequence was all triggered from a timecode on the audio track.