Honda’s Never Ending Road

The MrMoco team were asked by the production company Gorgeous to bring in our big gun, the Titan. Directed by Chris Palmer, this latest Honda commercial creates a 3D visual droste effect with a never ending road. (Droste effect explained in making of below).

The camera move was given to us as a previsualization before being imported into the rig. We performed repeat passes to capture different light and weather conditions – which change depending on where and when you view it online.

The model was built on a scale of 1:10 by the Magic Camera Company. A snorkel lens was used on the end of the arm to allow it to move precisely through the model trees, rocks and animals.

The Titan’s giant 9m telescopic arm, the longest in the world, allowed it to extend over the top of the model, lessening the use of track which would otherwise interfere with the set design.