Greek God Titan Battles for the Iron Throne

O​n a cold stage in Belfast during Christmas 2015​,​ MrMoco​,​ with our largest motion control rig​ the Titan ,​ had the pleasure to be working on some of the coolest VFX shots for one the World’s biggest TV shows. We are of course talking about fire breathing dragons and Game of Thrones.

The Titan’s huge 9m telescopic arm was used in two ways. Firstly to perform large moves around a sync’d motion base carrying Daenery to make it look as if she’s really riding on the dragon’s back in what is essentially ​a ​CG world. The second use was to shoot real flames being thrown from another rig representing the dragon spitting fire.

Both these elements give the shot the photographic realness necessary to make the scene believable. The result is some of the most memorable scenes from the last season and we were proud to have played our part in that. Here’s hoping for more dragons in season 7!