Formula One & Bolt

The downforce created by an F1 car has enough suction to rip up man hole covers and at upwards of 150mph, the car could even be driven upside down. Under extreme braking F1 drivers have said that the force is so great their tear ducts squirt water into their visors. So when Sky decided to capture these effects for their 2014 Formula One commercial they brought Mr Moco rentals on board with the Bolt High Speed Cinebot.

The Finished Commercial

The Making Of

For the shot requiring the Bolt, the actor was positioned horizontally lying face down. A 90 degree arc move was programmed with the Bolt completing the move in about half a second while also triggering a micro bore tube rig supplied by Artem.  The tube rig was glued to the actor’s face to deliver exaggerated tear drops. The camera used was the Phantom Flex brought in by the guys at Love High Speed.

More to come on Bolt in a few weeks time when we will have a showreel of a few of our recent projects.