Motion Base

Totally controllable character movement

This 6 D.O.F (degrees of freedom) motion simulator is fully computer controlled and allows the platform’s movements to be programmed in such a way as to mimic the motion of creatures, cars, boats and aircraft etc.

Using our unique in-house software, moves can be plotted in advance or a ‘Waldo’ is available which will allow an operator complete manual freedom to move the system “live” whilst still recording the motion for frame-accurate repeatability. The Motion Base can be used in conjunction with any of our other motion control systems to achieve unrivalled realism of movement during the scene.

The whole system is portable enough to be transported in a small truck and set up in a couple of hours.

  • Degrees of Freedom


  • Payload Capacity


Operating Envelope

Max. platform height1.67m
Min. platform height1.18m
Max. slew (from rotate centre)1.16m
Max. platform tilt angle32°
With optional rotation base (7th axis)
Max. platform height2.05m
Min. platform height1.56m

Rig Performance

Each actuator=/- 44.2cm0.45m/s
Rotate base (optional)inf105°/s

Practical Shooting Speeds

0.5m vertical move1.5 seconds


Max. payloads1000kg (motion base) 3000kg rotate base
Motion base weight430kg
Rotate base weight950kg
Motion base amplifier120kg
Rotate base amplifier58kg
Flair console flight case42kg

Rig Fixings

The system can exert considerable innertia so it is essential that the Motion Base is fixed to a secure floor surface for safety and to prevent the system from sliding. MrMoco can bring suitable fixings.

Power Connections

Power Requirements1 x 32a 3 phase 415V (Motion Base only)
1 x 63a 3 phase 415V (rotate base)
16a single phase 220V (Flair PC console desk)
1 x 25mm (minimum) earth safety lead (recommended)
GeneratorMax 20 KVA 3 phase (+E +N) 415 V (50 Hz)

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