Available in 3 basic configurations: Arm, Column or Base, the Modula is the ultimate in simple and portable motion control systems. Its lightweight design makes it quick to set up and narrow enough to fit through standard doorways.

  • Weight

    Up to 237kg

  • Track speed

    3m/s (special request 5m/s)

  • Max. lens height


  • Set up time

    1 hour

Operating Envelope with Jib Arm

Maximum height2.8m
Minimum heightGround
Reach from centre1.35m

Operating Envelope with Lift Column

Maximum height1.99m
Minimum height1.24m

Operating Envelope with Head Directly Mounted to the Base

Maximum fixed heightVariable basedon tripod height
Lowest fixed position0.70m

Rig Dimensions with Jib Arm for Clearances (note: can be broken down further)

Modula length2.1m
Modula height1.8cm
Modula width on track (lightweight track/heavy duty)0.72m/0.85m
Modula width with floor wheels (lightweight track/heavy duty)1.0m / 1.2m

Rig Performance (Jib Arm)

Axis nameRange of travelMaximum Speeds
TrackAs required3.0m/sec. (up to 5m/sec. by special request)
RotateUnlimited70° /sec.

Rig Weights (Jib Arm)

Lift ballscrew15
Jib arm and neck30
Counterweights and cradle85
Ulti-Head ( roll adds 7kg)35
Total weight of Modula with jib arm250
Each 3m track (heavy duty/light weight) 97/65
Flair magliner PC desk80

Power Connection

Power requirements1 x single phase (13A) 240 volts, frequency 50-60 Hz
Generator6.5 KVA

Download IK 3D Model

Please fill out the requested details below in order to request an IK 3D model of this motion control system. Note, this model is supplied as a MAYA (.mb) file suitable for versions 2018 & 2019.

Ensure you read the ‘text’ document prior to importing in to your scene.

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