The fastest motion control camera rig available in the world.

Combining the Bolt arm with a high speed track gives a blistering camera speed of over 6m per second with unlimited track lengths. Our interface provides triggers for SFX rigs and move import/export facilities with 3D software packages. For any high speed precision camera shooting the Bolt on track is the only choice.

  • Track speed

    4.5 mps

  • Set up time

    1 Hour

  • Max Lens Height


  • Speed at camera

    25 km/h

Operating Envelope

Maximum Height (with level head)2.45m
Lowest position.0m
Maximum reach (from rotate centre)2m

Rig Dimensions (for clearances)

Base width (with wheel limits)1.4m

Rig Performance

AxisRange of TravelMaximum Speeds
TrackUnlimited4 metres per second
Rotate+/- 160 degrees240 degrees per second
Lift+/- 137 degrees238 degrees per second
Arm+/- 150 degrees313 degrees per second
Pan+/- 270 degrees315 degrees per second
Tilt+/- 120 degrees /-105 degrees350 degrees per second
Roll+/- 270 degrees870 degrees per second

Rig Weights

Bolt rig800948
Flair console flight case4088
Maximum camera payload2861
Each 3m track105231

Rig Fixing

Because of the harsh acceleration and deceleration, the track sections of the rig must be bolted into a solid base or fixture. For studios, we drill four 15mm holes to a depth of 65mm for each length of track. Various counter weight systems can be used for location shooting.

Power Connection

Power requirements3x 400 Volts, Frequency 50-60 Hz
Generator3000 VA-120 kA

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