versatile, compact and high-speed robotic camera system

Bolt Jr. is a compact, lighter weight high-speed camera robot that’s an agile, smaller option than the full-scale MRMC Bolt on track. The Bolt Jr. is an ideal solution where space, weight, mobility and budget are key. 6 axis robotic arm on a high-speed base narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway.

  • Max Lens height


  • Max Reach


  • Set up Time

    1 hr

  • Track Speed

    3m per sec

Bolt Jr

ROTATE180° +/-400°
LIFT+145°/- 130° 390°
ARM+/- 145°400°
TILT+140° /-115°475°
PAN+/- 270° 540°
ROLL+/- 270°760°

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