Bolt plays ball before hitting the showers

You may remember from April’s Newsletter that we visited Stiller Studios in December last year to shoot high speed sequences using our Bolt On Track with fantastic results. While there Patrik Forsberg, the owner of Stiller told us about an idea he had using his own Cyclops and our ‘mini’ Bolt to recreate the famous Luxo Jr. animation from Pixar. Stillers’ motion control operator Tomas Tjernberg used pre-viz software IKtrix to animate the two rigs over the top of a Youtube version and on the very last (late) night they shot the below. Apart from the CG ball and the footage being sped up everything you see is in camera.

After the Christmas fun at Stiller it was back to work for Bolt. In February we came on board for a Mustard London production for Rexona. Directed by Jean-Paul Frenay the spot has a number of high speed shots using the killer combination of our Bolt arm and LoveHighspeed’s Phantom Flex 4K. The most impressive of these is the shower head shot. Bolt had to trigger Asylum’s water sfx before tracking ahead of the falling water droplets. Enjoy.