Bolt on Track captures that ‘One Moment’

Our Los Angeles sister company Camera Control Inc have completed what they said was the most technically challenging job that they have ever done. The job in question was OK GO’s ‘One Moment’ music video. The group are famous for their painstakingly rehearsed choreography and this one was no different.

The entire video lasts a total of 4.20 seconds but slowed down and played back at 24 frames per second however, we are treated to a stunning display of technical wizardry from a wall of exploding paint to guitars being blown out the sky. In total there are 318 events that had to be triggered.

The director and lead singer of the band said about the shoot ‘We used very precise digital triggers to set off several hundred events in extremely quick succession. The triggers were synchronised to high speed robotic arms (Bolt on track) which whipped the cameras along the path of the action,”

Full credits and background notes for the video can be found here.