Bolt gets front row at fireworks display!

During the summer MrMoco and it’s Bolt on Track made the long journey to Sofia, Bulgaria to shoot a 360 video for Samsung and the release of their Gear VR headset. The Video was produced by Resistance Films and directed by Ross Cairns.

A large Perspex cube was built in the centre of the stage with hundreds of firework rockets aimed directly at it. All that was needed was a band willing to step inside and play- step up Biffy Clyro.

In total 47 cameras were used with our Bolt swapping between a bespoke Black Magic 360 rig and an Alexa. The bolt was used partly to get smooth uninterrupted 360 shots around the cube but also for safety as one couldn’t be near the cube when the fireworks were going off.

The trailer for the experience can be seen above. The full 360 video was shown in Samsung’s ‘Hypercube’, a first of it’s kind structure that toured UK festivals in the summer. However, a Biffy Clyro music video will be released in February featuring the same content for those who missed it.