Believe in Blue – Police Film

You’ve been seeing a lot of high speed motion control from us recently with the Bolt on track being crazy busy in London and around Europe. Here is a polar opposite for you! Armed with both the Titan and Talos MrMoco Rentals were in action for Brain Candy Films shooting Believe in Blue – a police video showing modern day scenarios that officers in the field are faced with and how they respond to protect and serve the community. The film shows four frozen moments in time. Each is a single continuous shot that allows the viewer to take in every last detail as if they are right there moving through each scene. Take a look below, the result is pretty riveting if we can say so ourselves.

One of Brain Candy’s main aims was to capture as much in camera as possible, relying very little on CG elements. Motion control was chosen as it gave a perfectly orchestrated, pre-determined path through the action. It allowed a 3 minute cut to be shot on three locations and one studio shoot in only 3 days and the ability to multi-pass gave post production clean plates for removing SFX rigging that were used to hold actors and props in awkward positions.