First choice for high speed table top shots.

Bolt has the ability to get up to full speed almost instantly, going from standstill to high-speed motion and back to standstill in fractions of seconds. Literally following falling objects and capturing images in crisp focus that would be impossible by hand or any other method.

  • Reach


  • Set up time

    45 mins

  • Speed at Camera

    0.5m /sec

  • Payload

    25 kg

Operating Envelope

Maximum Height2.45m
Lowest position.0m
Maximum reach (from rotate centre)1.5m

Rig Dimensions (for clearances)

Base width.9m x .9m

Rig Performance

AxisRange of TravelMaximum Speeds
Rotate+/- 160 degrees200 degrees per second
Lift+/- 137 degrees200 degrees per second
Arm+/- 150 degrees255 degrees per second
Pan+/- 270 degrees315 degrees per second
Tilt+/- 120 degrees /-105 degrees350 degrees per second
Roll+/- 270 degrees870 degrees per second

Practical Shooting Speeds

1m vertical moveHalf a second
1m horizontal moveHalf a second
Complete 180 degree arc with a 75cm radius1.5 seconds
Complete 180 degree arc with a 45cm radius1 second

Rig Weights

Bolt rig430948
Power Supply Unit60133
Flair console flight case4088
Counter weights if not screwed to the floor5601235
Maximum camera payload2861

Rig Fixing

While the Bolt can be used with counter weights for some shots, if you are looking to achieve the highest speeds with the smoothest possible results the optimum mounting for the rig is to fix it to the floor. This is the suggested method of use. Mr Moco bring to set the equipment necessary to fix to sound concrete floors. It only requires x4 20mm holes drilled to a depth of 65mm, these are filled with M16 plugs that the rig can be screwed into.

Power Connection

Power requirements3x 400Volts, Frequency 50-60 Hz
Generator3000 VA-120 kA

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