The go to option for stop frame animation.

Designed as an affordable rental option for stop frame. Built with a very slim design, the Animoko allows the camera to get right into the set. Its large reach covers most animation sets with complete control to put the camera anywhere. Synchronisation with Dragonframe gives animators the ability to control and operate the Animoko themselves.

  • Reach


  • Max lens height


Operating Envelope

HeightShown above at 1.60m (column can be manually adjusted for additional height as needed)
Lowest position0.62m
Maximum travel0.98m
Maximum reach (from rotate centre)1.46m
Maximum reach (from turret)0.90m

Rig Dimensions (for clearances)

Animoko Minimum Height (off track) 1.35m
Animoko Minimum Height (on track)1.50m
Animoko base length (with track motor)0.75m
Animoko Length (head on) 1.05m

Rig Performance

Axis nameRange of travelMaximum Speeds
TrackAs required in 3m lengths0.50m per second
Rotate360 degrees 3 degrees per second
Lift0.98m2cm per second
Arm Extend0.90m2cm per second
Pan360 degrees100 degrees per second
Tilt360 degrees100 degrees per second

Rig Weights

Total weight of Animoko453997
Each 3m track55121
Flair Operator Console3270

Power Connection

Power requirements110-240 Volts, Frequency 50-60 Hz
Generator6.5 KVA

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